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Moldova Welcomes You

Moldova is one of the more recent entrants to the Citizenship by Investment marketplace with a platform that was launched in 2018.  It is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but one of the most diverse. Bordered by Romania and the Ukraine, Moldova has historically been a Romanian nation, so most of the population speaks Romanian. However, it went through a turbulent series of national and geographic boundaries between 1912 and 1991.  Following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1994, Moldova adopted its own Constitution and implemented a parliamentary democracy. The nation is ruled by a President and Prime Minister, who divide responsibilities for the state and government functions, respectively.

Moldova has been a recent entrant into the modern economy, having been somewhat subsumed by the USSR during the Soviet period.  The economy in Moldova is growing thoughtfully, however, and is reporting a 60% basis in the service sector. The country is growing, and urbanization is at 45%. There are sectors ripe for growth and investment, and the Moldovan government seems to recognize the opportunity for diversification through agreements with the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the EU, and in its CBI platform.

Moldova is a hilly country, with its primary mountain range generating from the Carpathian Mountains. The nation is not on the Black Sea, or any other large body of water, but benefits from the relative nearness in its climate. Moldova tends toward the cold side during the winter, but sports calm summers.

Moldova Residence and Visa Program

Benefits of MRVP:

  • Lifetime citizenship can be passed on to children and future generations
  • Access to 121 countries, including Russia, the Ukraine, Europe, Turkey and the Schengen area without a visa
  • No residency requirement
  • No interview
  • No education or management experience required
  • Investment is required only after approval to the program
  • No nationality restrictions

Procedures and Time Frame:

  • You will submit your down payment for professional fees
  • Your application will be reviewed by Company to make sure it’s in the best shape before it is submitted to the government for processing
  • The government responds to your application within 48 hours
  • Your trusted advisors at Company provide you with a checklist and help you to obtain the required paperwork for government processing
  • Your full application is submitted, due diligence is performed and you pay the government required fees
  • The government receives the due diligence report and renders its verdict
  • You receive your letter of approval from the government, and are invited to transfer your donation
  • You pay your government fees and any biometrics fees
  • The President of the Republic of Moldova grants you citizenship
  • You are invited to take the oath of allegiance and submit your biometric data
  • Passport is generated in your name
  • Remaining professional fees are paid
  • Collect your passport at the Moldovan Diplomatic Mission


  • Donation to the Public Investment Fund
  • Single Applicant: EUR 100,000
  • Applicant and Spouse: EUR 115,000
  • Applicant and Up to 3 Dependents: EUR 145,000
  • Applicant and 4+ Dependents: EUR 155,000
  • Government Fees
  • Service Fees Per Application: EUR 35,000
  • Main Applicant Fee: EUR 5,000
  • Spouse of the Main Applicant: EUR 2,500
  • Dependent Children up to Age 15: EUR 1,000
  • Dependent Children 16-29: EUR 2,500
  • Dependent Parents 55+: EUR 5,000
  • Due Diligence & Background Checks
  • Main Applicant Fee: EUR 6,000
  • Spouse of the Main Applicant: EUR 5,000
  • Dependent Children Over 16: EUR 5,000
  • Biometric Passport Fees For Each Applicant: EUR 300

Second Citizenship Benefits