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One of the more recent nations to embrace the Citizenship by Investment initiative trend, St. Lucia did not approve their program until 2015, and it went into law on January 1, 2016 under the auspices of the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund.  This special fund was established under Section 33 of  the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14 of 2015. Under the St. Lucia CBI, investors have two options: they can make an investment in an approved real estate transaction, or in a qualifying investment in the St. Lucia National Economic Fund.  Qualifying investments in the St. Lucia National Economic Fund start in the range of $100,000 for a single applicant, and real estate transactions have a minimum investment of $300,000 for a single applicant.

St. Lucia has no residency requirement, and does not require applicants to visit the island for an in-person interview. As an independent Commonwealth state, St. Lucia has a legal system that is based on English Common Law, and a large segment of the population speaks English.

Second Citizenship Benefits:

There are many advantages in obtaining citizenship:

  • Applications are generally approved in as little as 90 days
  • Applications can include dependent children
  • Visa free travel to 121 countries including the EU
  • Currency tied to the US Dollar
  • Educated and well-trained workforce
  • Diverse economy with basis in tourism and logistics
  • No residency requirement, interview or in person visit
  • Citizenship can be passed down to future generations
  • Dual citizenship allowed
  • No estate, inheritance, or worldwide income taxes
  • No nationality restrictions


  • Economic Fund Donation, Single Applicant:         $100,000
  • Economic Fund Donation, Applicant & Spouse: $165,000
  • Economic Fund Donation, Applicant, Spouse & 2 dependents: $190,000
  • Each additional dependent: $25,000
  • Or:
  • Real Estate Investment of at least $300,000
  • Government Fees:
  • Applicant: $50,000
  • Qualifying dependent 17 or younger: $25,000
  • Qualifying dependent 18+: $35,000
  • Due Diligence and Background Checks:
  • Applicant: $7,500
  • Dependents age 15 or younger: $4,000
  • Dependents age 16+: $5,000

Steps and Procedures:

Once you have decided on st lucia as the country of your choice, you need to do the following

  • Your application will be reviewed by Company to make sure it’s in the best shape before it is submitted to the government for processing
  • Down payment for professional fees is required
  • Your trusted advisors at Company provide you with a checklist and help you to obtain the required paperwork for government processing
  • Your submit both your application and due diligence fees
  • Your make your property reservation if you’re investing in real property
  • The government receives your Due Diligence report and makes its decision
  • Once your application is accepted, you are invited to submit the required donation or finalize your real estate purchase by paying the purchase price
  • Certificate of registration, citizenship certificate and passport are generated in your name
  • Remaining professional fees are paid
  • Final documents are delivered to you

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